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About Us

Babel LLC is a software/hardware platform, solutions and services provider based  in the Los Angeles Area. Our offering spans from software licensing and procurement to software lifecycle management and every aspect of cloud-first advisory, delivery and managed solutions. We have the expertise to support our clients throughout their technology roadmap in today’s digital world.


We provide hardware, software and services from the world’s top technology companies. We also provide products and services from many niche providers with cutting edge technology in their fields.

Babel has the highest level of vendor certification across the Los Angeles County and key technology partners that are recognized with awards for their performance.


What We Do

Babel Control tower helps clients govern and manage their software estate – be it licensing optimization, effective procurement, or deployment of cloud-based solutions. We work with clients of all sizes and across all geographies to manage their software, locally or remotely, at a data center or in a multi-cloud environment.

Cloud Spend Management 

Make managing cloud costs across multiple cloud platforms. Babel offers a unique approach to cloud cost management with powerful tools to enable cloud governance. 

We get to understand the root of the challenge, crafting a solution that leverages both insight and innovation to support future technology vision.

Master Agreements For Services 

We provide contract services with vital goods and services include:

Facility services , Fleet maintenance and repair services, Technical equipment maintenance services, Information technology services master agreement.


Filling the gap between vision and action, we leverage data insight, end-to-end transformation technology to identify the underlying goals and shared ground upon which digital solutions can be built. 

Master Agreements For Commodities

We provide supplies, materials, equipment and value-added services such as office supplies, personal computers, printing services, janitorial supplies, and building materials, as well as other commodities and services.

Software Lifecycle Management 

Creating new information systems and re-modification existing systems with tracking of documentation throughout its use.  We incorporate cutting edge technologies and methodologies in the management of an application from its inception as an idea through to its management and end of life.


Contact Us

Tel: 949-473-2414 | Email:

1439 N.Highland Ave Ste# 1045

Los Angeles, CA 90028

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